Good news for Hermès Lover who admire the leather and the workmanship of Hermès but worry about the high price to pay? NO worries, these are the 3 models that is less than USD3.5k (or MYR15k)! From left: Hermès Herbag 31, Hermès Picotin 18 and Hermès Garden Party 30.

Outlook & Space

Hermes Picotin
Hermès Picotin: Cute size that have functional space

Picotin: it’s a very unique shape that stands out from all 3 styles, however it’s open closure with a strap that’s more for a decoration purposes. Many decorate it with twilly to add more colors to the bag. Though the bag looks small, but with the dimension: 13 x 18 x 18cm, it can actually store a lot of essentials thing for daily use, you can even put in a water bottle. Picotin also comes in 22cm, and 26cm.

Hermès Herbag : A bag that is suitable for work, travel or as a baby bag
Hermès Herbag : Back of the bag comes with a zip pouch

Herbag: Among all 3 models, Herbag is the most secure bag with the leather flap. To increase the popularity of this bag, it actually carry the shadow of Hermès Kelly, in canvas version. Functionality wise, it’s superb! The size of the bag is good for documents, good for travel or use it as a baby bag. Comes with dimension: 31 x 25 x 10cm, you can practically store everything, best of all, it comes with a removable zip pouch, and also a zip pouch at the back of the bag.

Garden Party: Garden Party was originally designed for picnic use, it comes in canvas and full leather material. Canvas with leather strap offers lower price point. Dimension: 30 x 20 x 12cm. Snaps on the side to give bag slimmer profile or kept open for carrying more stuff! It is a structured shape, but it is still a multi-functional use tote because fabric makes it so lightweight.


Picotin: comes with full leather, and a leather strap with metal hook. Normally Picotin is made in clemence, swift or epsom leather. Epsom leather would look more sturdy in shape, and clemence or swift leather gives the bag a more casual look.

Herbag: comes with leather flap with leather strap, body is in canvas, can be secured by lock. Leather strap is not adjustable

Garden Party: comes with canvas with leather strap. it has a button closure.

Difficulty to Purchase:

As we all know buying an Hermes really need tremendous luck to do it. Often times, the popular bags are not available in store or on rack for us to choose. Or even when you see one, it maybe not in your preferred colors. So let’s look at the level of difficulty to buy each model.

Picotin: Easiest to buy among the 3 models, if you are not choosy about colors. Picotin available in variety of colors every season. However, if you are looking to buy in classic colors such as black or brown or gold, then you may need to wait awhile for your luck to come.

Herbag: Most difficult to buy, it will never put in the shelf or you will have to wait behind a loooong waiting list. Herbag is one of the most popular canvas bag from Hermès collection.

Garden Party: Easy to get if you are not choosy about the colors, you maybe lucky to see it on shelf sometimes with very bright colors, or interesting color combinations on canvas and leather strap. Also need to be patient to wait for a good color.